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SupaMoly is Molybdenum (Mo) Prill.

Added into fertiliser blends, SupaMoly provides plants with a readily available supply of the essential nutrient Molybdenum (moly). 

Moly is an essential nutrient for plant growth, especially for legumes such as clover and lucerne. The addition of moly to deficient pasture results in increased clover content and pasture growth, due to improved efficiency in nitrogen fixation and greater nitrogen cycling.

SupaMoly is available in 1% or 2% concentration packaged in 25kg or 1t bags


Molybdenum (Mo) as sodium molybdate 10.00g/kg (1.0 % w/w)

Application Rate Examples

Granular fertiliser molybdenum analysis 0.03% 0.05% 0.10%
Molybdenum (Mo) / mt granular fertiliser 300g 500g 1000g
SupaMoly rate /mt granular fertiliser 30kg 50kg 100kg


  • With a low concentration of 1% moly, spreaders can confidently apply 10x the amount of product (compared to 10% prills) to the same area, increasing the opportunity for improved plant uptake and more rapid correction of moly deficiencies.
  • High quality, readily available molybdenum.
  • Ready to use prills that can be added to a granular fertiliser blend

Directions For Use

  • Mix SupaMoly with dry fertiliser e.g. Superphosphate, MAP, DAP etc.


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