Glaze Application

Glaze Extend or Micronutrient Liquids are a ready-to-use liquid that is easy to measure and apply. Simply spray into a batch or continuous blending or handling system.

Glaze is designed to spread evenly across all fertiliser types.

Drum Mixer

Auger Mixer

Paddle Mixer

Spray Belt

Micronutrient coatings ensure that every fertiliser granule carries the same amount of micronutrients
and is fast drying.

Handling Recommendations

Refer to the instructions and application rates printed on the label of the IBC or bottle

      • Glaze Extend™ / Micronutrient liquids come in a ready-to-use liquid – it doesn’t require dilution
      • Mix thoroughly before use
      • It is recommended to wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection
      • If product is spilled, contain and clean up with water 
      • Ensure equipment and lines are washed with water and clean before adding Glaze Extend™.  Flush lines with water when application is finished.  Equipment can be cleaned with water
      • Apply at ambient temperature or minimum 5°C
      • Storage period: 12 Months (It is recommend stirring prior to use)
      • Storage environment: Inside undercover. Keep away from heat. Protect from direct sunlight.
      • Storage temperature: 0 – 35°C . Protect from temperatures below: -5°C or above 40 °C
      • Glaze Extend Application rate guide:

BLEND™ (15%) 

Apply 4.0kg/t of urea to achieve 600ppm nbpt


Apply 2.4kg/t of urea to achieve 600ppm nbpt or; 

Apply 1.7kg/t or 2.2L/1000L into UAN (based on 32% and 1300g/l density)

no earlier than 72hrs before field application

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