Glaze Copper Fertiliser Coating

Glaze Copper is a fertiliser coating designed to directly coat copper onto fertiliser granules using batch or continuous flow blending and handling systems. Glaze Copper contains micronised particles of cuprous oxide, providing a reservoir of slow release copper nutrient. Glaze Copper is readily available and provides a constant source of available copper nutrition to the plant.

Glaze Copper is supplied in a 1900kg IBC


Copper (Cu) as cuprous oxide 500 g/kg (50% w/w)

Application Rate Examples

Granular fertiliser copper analysis % 0.25% 0.50% 1%
Copper (Cu) kg / mt granular fertiliser 2.50 5.00 10.00
Glaze Copper rate kg / mt  granular fertiliser 5.00 10.00 20.00



  • Fertiliser is evenly coated, remains dry and free flowing with enhanced dust suppression.
  • High quality copper with high nutrient concentration that strongly adheres to fertiliser granules.
  • Ready to use liquid that is easy to measure and apply.
  • Glaze Copper enables uniform coating of granular fertiliser and uniform distribution of micro nutrient in the fertiliser zone.
  • Common blends of MAP and copper granules at 0.5% copper, result in 1 granule of copper to every 60 granules of MAP.

Directions For Use

  • Mix thoroughly before use.
  • Glaze Copper is applied undiluted and uniformly to granular fertiliser in batch or continuous blending systems.
  • Glaze Copper can be applied to straight fertiliser granules or added when blending mixtures of granular fertilisers.
  • Glaze Copper can be co-applied with other fertiliser coating products such as fungicides but cannot be pre-mixed with other products prior to application.

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