Glaze Boron Fertiliser Coating

Glaze Boron is a fertiliser coating designed to directly coat Boron onto fertiliser granules using batch or continuous flow blending and handling systems. Glaze Boron contains sodium borate which is readily available for uptake by plants. Glaze Boron re-attaches dust by sticking and binding dust to fertiliser granules. It also hardens the fertiliser granules to prevent dust from reoccurring.

Glaze Boron is supplied in a 1100kg IBC.


Boron (B) as sodium borate 70g/kg (7% w/w)

Application Rate Examples

Granular fertiliser Boron analysis 0.021% 0.035% 0.05%
Boron (B) / mt granular fertiliser 210g 350g 500g
Glaze Boron rate /mt granular fertiliser 3kg 5kg 7kg



  • Fertiliser is evenly coated, remains dry and free flowing with enhanced dust suppression.
  • High quality, readily available boron that strongly adheres to fertiliser granules.
  • Glaze Boron fertiliser coating strongly suppresses fertiliser dust especially on Single Superphosphate, MAP and DAP.
  • Ready to use liquid that is easy to measure and apply.
  • Uniform coating and distribution of micronutrient within the blend

Directions For Use

  • Mix thoroughly before use.
  • Glaze Boron is applied directly via a spray nozzle, undiluted into a batch or continuous blending system.
  • Glaze Boron can be applied to straight fertiliser granules or added when blending mixtures of granular fertilisers.
  • Glaze Boron can be co-applied with other fertiliser coating products such as fungicides but cannot be pre-mixed with other products prior to application.

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